Guest Art 2019- Katharine G.
Posted January 11, 2020 at 5:00 pm

Sniff... I'm fine... no really, I'm fine, I can do the author comment. Ahem.

As expected from 4-time 2 Slices guest artist Katharine G.! What else can I say, this is really moving...

And if somehow you're not convinced of Katharine's comic wizardry, and especially if you are, be sure to check out her beautiful webcomic, Humanish!

Well that's it for the 2 Slices guest art winter break! Thank you to all of the incredible guest artists that lent their skills, time, and effort this year! I'm feeling ready to dive back in- so let's do that! See you Wednesday with the first 2 Slices page of 2020!

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